Facilities Services

“Miscellaneous” Jobs That Seem To Never End 


Who do you call?

Who do you call when a piece of furniture breaks or you realize that your new free-standing file cabinets are a serious earthquake hazard? How about when you need to have some cabinets constructed or want to have interior landscaping designed and installed in your facility? Who do you call when some of your team members need to play “musical chairs” and on a whim decide to move offices within your facility? Sooner or later most facilities managers need some or all of these services – and they quickly discover that few companies are interested in handling small projects like these.

You Can Call Facilities Planning, Inc. (FPI)

In addition to our relocation management, remodel/refurbishment, space planning and project management services, FPI manages a wide range of miscellaneous facilities services for our clients including:

  • Minor In-office Moves
  • Furniture and Fixture repair
  • Furniture Replacement
  • Artwork Installation
  • Earthquake Safety Anchoring
  • Millwork
  • Interior Landscaping

Our process is to engage an experienced, thoroughly vetted contractor or service provider to get the job done.  Then FPI provides the necessary oversight to ensure every aspect of the project is completed to your expectations.

To learn more about our complete range of Facilities Services and take advantage of a complimentary consultation, call FPI at 949-748-6111 or email pkessler@fpicorp.biz.