Refurbishment Management

Remodels and Refurbishments that Go Flawlessly 


Complex and time-intensive projects are our specialty

When it’s time to refurbish your own facility or your tenants’ it’s vital the refurbishment project causes as little business disruption as possible. But in order to repaint the walls and replace the carpets, everything must be moved out of the facility — and then moved back in again – a big job in itself. Add to this some minor construction, and possibly some cabinetwork, and the probability of things not going as planned gets even higher.

Facilities Planning, Inc. (FPI) has been managing facilities refurbishment projects for over 25 years. From project meetings, scheduling, budgeting and cost control — through implementation and closeout — we can take responsibility for the entire project or  become integrate into the Property Manager’s or a General Contractor’s team. Known for our speed, accuracy and attention to detail, our Refurbishment Management Services include:

  • Furniture inventory – Making it easy to keep track of all furniture and equipment
  • Detailed Scale Plan – Ensuring that at the end of your project, each item is replaced exactly where it belongs
  • Purchasing and Contracting – Coordinating equipment requirements and negotiating with selected vendors
  • Construction Management – Assuming your project will include some degree of remodeling
  • Onsite Supervision Keeping the process moving forward — on time and on budget

To learn more about our Remodel and Refurbishment Services and take advantage of a complimentary consultation, call FPI at 949-748-6111 or email