Relocation Management

Making Your Move Go Faster and Smoother 

Moving doesn’t have to be difficult!Moving House concept - empty room with boxes

With a corporate or industrial relocation, there are hundreds if not thousands of details that need to be addressed. Contrary to popular belief, moving to a new facility doesn’t have to be an unending nightmare for everyone involved. The secret to relocation, remodel or reorganization success is to hire experts, who anticipate challenges, and know how to manage and oversee your project.

For companies that don’t require our complete Project Management Services, Facilities Planning, Inc. (FPI) also offers Relocation Management services that focus exclusively on the move itself.  This service includes:

  • Budget Preparation – Based on our 25+ years of  successful experience
  • Master Schedule Preparation – We provide a time line for the endless actions that have to occur before, during and after a move.  From cable installation to equipment installation dates, furniture order dates, disconnect/reconnect timing and more.
  • Telecommunication/IT support:  Whether you are starting with new or replacement services or just moving existing, we will provide the level of support required to ensure functionality on day one of occupancy.
  • Vendor Selection – Securing the most reliable and experienced vendors and consultants, and negotiating the best prices.
  • Service Coordination – Coordinating a multitude of details that inevitably arise with professional movers, telecommunications experts, IT personnel, etc.
  • Furniture Inventory and Plan – Creating or augmenting your architectural furniture plans and preparing a detailed inventory of all existing free-standing and modular furniture.
  • Detailed, Numbered Move Plan – Creating a sequentially numbered plan from the architectural numbering system to ensure that each location has a number and each item is displayed.

Professional Move Graphics – Printed, color coded, signage coordinated with

  • Numbered furniture plans, making it simple for the movers to determine the placement of furniture, IT equipment and office décor.
  • Property Management Liaison – at both your old and new facilities to insure that all property rules and conditions are in compliance.
  • On-site Supervision – An FPI company principal is involved in each of our projects and is on site throughout the entire project 

Zero Down-Time

With FPI in charge your business transition can take place over the weekend and your employees can be as productive as ever on Monday morning. When they arrive, each office will be in a workable state, furniture will be where it is supposed to be, boxes will be stacked neatly on the floor, and the telephone and IT systems will all be operational.  With FPI there is zero down time, no lost productivity, and reduced headaches.

To learn more about our Relocation Management services and take advantage of our complimentary consultation call our Facilities Planning Team at 949-748-6111 or email

And, if you need someone to handle your entire project FPI has experience with total Project Management. Click here to learn more!