The FPI Difference

Relieving Relocation Burdens for Over 25 years

Facilities-Planning-Inc-Corporate-Movers-differenceSince 1987 Facilities Planning, Inc. (FPI) has been taking the complexity out of corporate and industrial relocations, remodels and reorganizations for over 25 years. We handle every detail of the process, so our clients can stay focused on effectively running their businesses, rather than managing chaos.  Our highly customized services are holistic and take into consideration every aspect of a company’s transition including relocation management, remodel/refurbishment, space planning, facilities services and project management.

Services that pay for themselves

What makes FPI’s services very different?

  • Highly vetted network of service providers – With a 25-year successful reputation in Southern California, FPI has assembled a top-notch team of contractors and service providers, who share the goal of consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations.   This saves our clients’ valuable time since they can trust their project is being handled well, by professionals who FPI trusts to provide outstanding service.
  • Highly competitive pricing – Because of FPI’s long-standing presence in the market place, the volume we do with our partners, and our team’s outstanding negotiation skills, discounts and savings are reflected in our clients’ overall pricing.
  • Eliminating change orders – Movers and contractors are notorious for “budget-busting” change orders. Our proprietary and highly organized process enables FPI to proactively anticipate, control and eliminate change orders and save our clients unexpected costs and added frustration.
  • Eliminating hidden relocation costs – Without detailed specifications, field supervision and reliable invoice analysis, a moving company is likely to claim extras and increase final invoices.  Our professional installation plans for free-standing and modular furniture actually speed up the relocation process and help decrease overall costs.
  • Maintaining employee productivity – By using FPI’s services, our clients’ staff can continue to focus on existing priorities and revenue-generating activities — leaving the heavy and burdensome details of relocation, remodel or reorganization to us.
  • Ensuring work continuity – FPI’s vast experience and proven processes help reduce staff turn-over, considering office and project managers often experience “burn-out,” when asked to take on office transitions.


If you’re planning a business transition in the future, take advantage of our complimentary consultation by calling Facilities Planning Team at 949-748-6111 or email